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Tupperware Microfiber Set
Tupperware Microfiber Set
Tupperware Microfiber Set
Tupperware Microfiber Set

Tupperware Microfiber Set

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What's included? 
  • Dust Towel 35 x 30 cm x 1 unit
  • Multi-purpose Towel 30 x 30 cm x 1 unit
  • Window Towel 40.6 x 40.6 cm x 1 unit
  • Gift Box


Turn your everyday cleaning around the home hassle-free & fun with Tupperware microfiber set. Available in three different colors, the set offers a separate cloth for each task. Be it dusting, cleaning off the gunky stains or wiping away the slimy residue off the bathtubs- microfiber towels help to keep your home stay immaculately cleaned!

Tupperware microfiber towels are made using polyester and nylon fibers that create a net-like structure. Due to small fibers, the towels are able to lift every particle off the nooks & corners. The super absorbent multi-purpose microfiber towels clean counter, chrome fixture, windows & mirrors, stainless steel & interior of the car. What more, being lint-free it ensures streak-free cleaning!


  • Microfiber towel is a “Green Cleaning” tool that helps to reduce the wastage. It can take 500 washes that are about 2 years in a general household. 
  • Tupperware microfiber towel is a self-cleaning cloth that reduces the use of chemicals when cleaning. Just wet & clean!
  • When chemicals/cleaning solutions are required such as in the kitchen, make sure you wash the towels carefully using water to prevent gumming of the fibers.
  • Tupperware microfiber cloths can be tossed in washer/dryer for rinsing. The easiest way is to dampen the towels with water and rotate in the microwave for 60 seconds. Let it dry before removing it.