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Tupperware Snowflake Square Round Double Set-Tupperware 4 Sale

Tupperware Snowflake Square Round Double Set

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What's included? 

  1. Tupperware Snowflake Square Round x 8 units, Dimension: 12.8cm(L) x 11.6cm (W) x 5.7cm (H), capacity: 400ml.
  2. Tupperware Snowflake Medium Square Round x 8 units, Dimension: 12.8cm(L) x 11.6cm (W) x 9.1cm (H), capacity: 800ml.
  3. Tupperware Snowflake Double Square Round x 8 units, Dimension: 23.2cm(L) x 14.2cm (W) x 6.5cm (H), capacity: 1.3L.


  • Saves space
  • For dry and wet food storage


Tupperware Snow Flake Square Round Set Medium

Grab the best storage containers for your fridge before they run out of stock. Tupperware Snowflake Square round set in medium offers 4 deep & medium sized storage containers in refreshing colors. The boxes accommodate just everything from chopped vegetables, to fruits, sandwiches, salads dressings & garnishing.


Modular & stackable

Seal in the freshness of your home cooked meals using premium quality snowflake refrigerator boxes. Available in different sizes, Tupperware Medium Snowflake has the capacity of 800ml. Offering a modular system, these boxes help organising a messy fridge whilst making it easier to scan through the boxes. Stack them over each other and color code your edibles to find the required item in an instant.

Tupperware Snow Flake Square round boxes feature iconic Snap-On lids with a tab. Tab ensures easy opening & closure of the boxes. Besides keeping the freshness locked in, the tab lids also go easy on your nails that means no more struggle with your lids and no more broken nails!


Deep & Compact

These boxes are perfect for dry and wet storage. Being deep and compact in size, these boxes make a good choice for saving left over items and gravies. Since these refrigerator storage boxes are leak-proof they avoid messy spills in your fridge. Get yourself this beautiful set of Tupperware snowflake with 4 units.

Tupperware Snowflake Square round set will be a soothing addition to your Tupperware collection. Easy to handle & maintain, dishwasher safe, lightweight & compact in size – what else do you need to organize your life?

Available with limited life time warranty against chipping, breaking & scratching, this set of 4 units of BPA free & 100% virgin plastic is all you lack!